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Welcome to my champagne daze. This is a blog dedicated to informing you about different beverages of the world. We cover beverages such as coffee, tea, wine, beer, soda among others. The different drinks available will have different health benefits as well as side effects. In order to inform you of the health benefits you will enjoy through drinking certain types of drinks. My Champagne Daze is a blog which is dedicated to making your work easier. We review different drinks on how they are prepared, their place of origin among other information you need to know about beverages of the world.

There are some beverages which can pose side effects to your body if you suffer from certain health conditions; we are dedicated to making it very easy for you so that you will have the necessary information to make the right decision. Some beverages have been linked to weight loss benefits. In the blog we cover such beverages in detail so that you can take advantage of our list of beverages if you are after losing weight so that you will stay healthy.

Our blog posts covering different beverages are written by people who know the beverage and how they are prepared. If you will like to know more about a given beverage, then this is the blog for you to subscribe so that you will access updates on the information we will be updating on a regular basis. Some beverages can be prepared in different ways. In our blog we will explore different ways through which the beverages can be prepared so that you will stay informed. You will even access directions on how to prepare the beverages from our blog so that you can try on your own. There are popular brands of beverages in the world which you may like to learn about, we have them in a well explained manner for you to get informed.